Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Hosted by the Luggage Store Annex/ Tenderloin National Forest, 509 Ellis Street, San Francisco

93.7FM and 415.375.8282

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11AM - 4 PM

Opening Saturday October 17 11AM - 6 PM

Tender Transmissions is a temporary Tenderloin specific radio program (available locally on 93.7 FM), a series of phone messages (at (415) 375-8282) and an audio installation at The Tenderloin National Forest. We interested in the intimate and invisible characteristics of sound, and its potential resonance at the threshold of the public and the private. The transmissions include conversations about love, songs and poetry chosen and sung or recited by participants, soundscapes made from ambient neighborhood recordings, a screenplay derived from conversations with erotic dancers, ambient audio recorded during guided blindfolded walks, and conversations between visiting Japanese college students and first graders.  It also includes interviews with curator Lance Fung and other key members of the organization which focus on issues of movement, migration, nomadism and the visible in relation to current residents, participating artists and potential visitors.

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